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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The brilliance of design

Ahtletes know the brilliance of design, the way architects do, the way doctors must. There is an exactness a regiment that if followed offers known results. It does not take discipline to design something brilliant. Discipline is needed in carrying out that design.

Were the workers on the dam disciplined? If they weren't in the beginning they learned. Their so-called discipline was mostly fueled by the opportunity to earn money. Money not made, but earned.

Discipline as a result of this brilliance of design offered young men an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than imagined. A dam that shot up into the sky 735 feet, was a feat uncontested at the time. A brilliant design that would only come to life by hard work.

Hard work was not known by taking days off as much as it was by working in shifts. There were 3 shifts for every 24 hours a day, and working "around the clock" the dam was built in record time. Thus, part of the brilliance of the design is timing. The dam designers may not have considered the workers who ultimately put their lives on the line. Yet they must have known the discipline needed to carry out the design.

Not only was the dam built with amazing speed as men acquired this discipline, the dam remains today as a design of brilliance.

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