Building the Dam Story

At the end, if there is success, one wonders how. Through this wonder one discovers the story. This blog is dedicated to that discovery.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hero's Journey--IV Belly of the Whale

Jake Adams, the protagonist of the novel, Hard Luck finds out he really is alone when he finds himself unable to act, so overwhelmed with desires of his heart and will.

Until now his life has been met with tragedy and loss yet he's been surrounded by the support of those who care about him. Now he begins to experience what Joseph Campbell notes as the new world and new self.

As the work begins in the diversion tunnels, the false light inside, the size of the tunnel itself of fifty feet in height, is a symbol of Campbell's "belly of the whale" in which the protagonist enters willingly, from the known world to another that will bring about metamorphosis.