Building the Dam Story

At the end, if there is success, one wonders how. Through this wonder one discovers the story. This blog is dedicated to that discovery.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stand alone

Facing fear, we all must stand alone. Though it may seem we need to rally the defense with others when we are afraid,recognizing our aloneness helps us in our responsibility to care for others as we care for ourselves.
What continually inspires me about the building of this dam is the way in which each man worked for himself yet came together on behalf of this great project. Every day there was something that could possess a man and fill him with fear. Yet everyday each would stand alone between the walls of Black Canyon and do a job that often could mean the end of his life.
Maybe its this sensation of knowing danger intimately, working hard to the point of exhaustion, and at the end of the day celebrating surviving that gave the workers of this dam the courage to do it again the next day. Yet the celebration of survival is sweetest when shared. Thus as today is Earth Day, it's a good time to remember to share our lessons, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and be alone against our fear and together for our accomplishments, our joy, the things we live for...