Building the Dam Story

At the end, if there is success, one wonders how. Through this wonder one discovers the story. This blog is dedicated to that discovery.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unfinished business

Unfinished business. It seems we crave the sense of completion. Yet is it natural or have we been conditioned to not stop until a job is done? Sometimes, doesn't it seem we are actually working against what we've set out to accomplish by diligence just to complete something?
In this picture we see that even after the dam was "finished" there was work to be done later on. So maybe what is set down as completed, accomplished, is really just a moment when things are perceived that way.
Thus the idea of struggling to finish something is not what got the dam built two years before schedule. The workers didn't struggle with the work at hand. They just worked. They worked as if nothing else matters. And it seems this kind of focus is the reward for getting to a place where one feels "done" even if the job in the end will never be exactly that.
So if business is unfinished, it's deciding at the end of the day (moment) it's all that will be done. We take the hanky from our pocket, wipe our faces, look to the sky and go on.
Satisfaction is in the focus, the process, the outcome be what it will.